Bad Dad

Bad dad

Even though fathers day was on Sunday I still want to do something in relation to fathers day so I read this book and I think that it is appropriate for Father’s day soo here it goes…

Author: David Walliams

Title: Bad Dad

Illustrator: Tony Ross

This book is about a boy called Alfred and his dad Gilbert. Gilbert is a banger racer, is amazing at his job and everyone LOVES him, and his son Alfred is very proud of his dad and believes he has the best father in the whole world but then one day it all changes. His father gets injured during one of his races and then all of a sudden loses everything, his job, his leg, his wife and his fans and everything he owns but his son Alfred. Then one day Gilbert makes a mistake and gets in with wrong people and his world starts to fall apart…

I really enjoyed this book and think it is the funniest book I have ever read. I give this book FIVE stars because I love books like these because they are so funny.

Also here is a picture of my fathers day cake do you like it?



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