Relaxing Candle

Hey guys its Naomi and in today’s DIY we are making a candle this is really cute, and you can make these for yourself or you can make it as a gift for someone else



  • Food colouring/ Acyclic Paint & Water
  • Candlewick
  • Juice Glass
  • Old candle
  • Paper
  • 20180421_203430.jpg

First of all, you get your old candle and melt it then mix acrylic paint and water or food colouring and colour and mix it with the candle I took the inside of my candle because it was white so then I could give it my desired colour and then pour it into your juice cup. Then you put in the candlewick and leave it to dry(i would put it in the fridge so it dries quicker) then when you take it should look something like this


and you’re done! There are so many ways to decorate your candle holder but the way I did it is very simple, so first I got the page and cut it down to size then I painted a tree and then I wrote “Lavender Love” on it,


and you’re done!


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